The survey department - a specialized structural unit of «Seatrans Consulting»® - carries out the survey service.

The department personnel comprises the former students of Admiral Ushakov Maritime State Academy who successfully graduated from it and had a corresponding training.

The Quality Management System in compliance with 9001:2000 Certificate was developed, adopted and certified in «Bureau Veritas Certification Association» by the Company.

Each worker is provided with computers and photo techniques, special devices and tools, mobile communication and transport. Surveyors have free twenty-four-hour and whole-year access to all berths and port terminals in Novorossiysk. Qualified survey reports can be made both in Russian and in English.
The survey department of «SEATRANS CONSULTING» render the following service: :

  • Supercargo services - calculation and drawing up of the preliminary and final cargo plan of loading taking into account vessel's tonnage and capacity, stability and strength of a vessel depending on physical and chemical properties of cargo, technical condition of a vessel and navigation area.
  • survey of vessel's conditions to determine actual conditions, its cargo spaces, equipments and machinery (Condition Survey)
  • determine of quantity of bunker on the board of the vessel (Bunker Survey)
  • pre-loading inspection of cargo for integrity, availability and conformity of marking or other identification, conformity of the declared quantity and actually being on a berth, warehouse or at a storage (Pre-loading Survey)
  • survey of the premises for the cargo transportation or of storage of certain types of cargo
  • inspection of hatch covers for water tightness
  • survey of containers for the integrity further cargo transportation
  • arrangement of independent tally count of unitized goods to prevent or reveal the shortage (Tally Count)
  • monitoring of loading/unloading process to provide the above-mentioned, as well as the control of the adherence of storage and stowage regulations, the available separating material as well as cargo securing in holds and on vessel's deck, ashore or in container with issuance of corresponding certificates (Monitoring)
  • monitoring of discharging from the vessel to the railway wagons and road and motor transport or in a reverse order taking into consideration cargo places or cargo weight determination
  • survey of loaded/discharged cargo amount using vessel’s of draughts (Draught Survey)
  • sealing/unsealing of the cargo spaces, hatch covers, trapdoors and other accessors to the cargo
  • recommendation to ship’s administration on preparing shipping documents(remarks into the Bills of Lading and Mate's Receipts, claim reports, etc.)
  • stability and strength calculation
  • damage and loss survey of the cargo, vessels, containers, or any other transport by independent experts making and issuing corresponding acts and the report publication
  • marketing research of the cargo turnover as well as port conditions and its facilities for a definite time period

In addition to the above-mentioned service subject to survey activity the department workers along with CNIIMF and MCB representatives working in our Company work out the development of sea transportation of bulk and heavy cargoes.

Personnel of the survey department includes the stuff of experienced tallymen.

The above-listed works can be carried out to any type of general, liquid, bulk, grain and timber cargoes as well as dangerous goods.

All the results of work are fixed on the Company's forms containing all the required legal identifications and also issues the necessary certificates or survey reports with attached pictures.

The efficiency, type, method and volume of daily reports while carrying out the voluminous operations is the subject of additional agreement with each Customer while making a contract.

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